SSR-X is a fabulous Carbon Fiber PC case mod inspired from Jets

Modding of PC cases can be a spectacle or it can even end up in a complete disaster, all depending on creativity and designing. A bit-tech forums user “Cleveland216” aka Dave Biro has completed a magnificent mod marking a respect to aircraft design. The modding has been done using carbon fiber as well as aluminium core for the outer shell of the case and the final result is awesome. No doubt he calls himself the Carbon Fiber King. Dave built a very complex aircraft like design to fit the computer parts in place. Sharp edges in the mod enhance the beauty of his design.

SSR-X is what Dave calls his glorious mod. The project is inspired from aircrafts build by Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman and also by AFFTC Det3. His PC mod consists of a very high configuration complimenting the esteem of jets. The design is composed of dual water cooling system for GPU and CPU, and supports a 1000W+ power supply. Every computer component is set inside compartments made in the case with motherboard and processors fixed in the central compartment, the hard disk in the wing compartment and fans also set inside the wing compartment.  Aluminum base is provided to create the compartments and it is covered with three layers of carbon fiber.

A Jet Turbine engine that is built for R/C models by JetCat USA has also been fixed into the mod to turn the SSR-X into a real-world drone airplane. Caution signs and symbols have been spray painted and LEDs are used to illuminate the mod.





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