Star Trek classrooms with hi-tech desks can improve a kid’s intellect

Technology has updated every sphere of our lives including class rooms and schools. Today we will be discussing a similar technogy here that has helped a lot in improving students caliber. It is a multi touch, multi user smart desk technology, which has been named as “Star Trek Classroom.” These high tech desks and their software have been designed by Durham University experts.

hi-tech desk
The “smart” desk helps to improve children’s participation in group events and also helps in improving touch subjects like mathematics. According to one of the researcher professor Liz Burd, the motive was to encourage students for participation where they could share knowledge by sharing, find solutions to their problems.

hi-tech desk

The whole smart system of classroom was integrated under the project called as SynergyNet. The most important component of the system is multi touch surface desks that are linked to a main smartboard. Another interesting feature is that these desks can be used by any number of students at a time. Using these desks teachers can send answers of one group to another and can also intervene in between whenever required.hi-tech desk

It has been found that mathematics skills of students doing maths activity in SynergyNet class have improved considerably. The hi-tech system improves interaction among students and gives a new way of learning.

hi-tech desk

Via: Wired

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