Star Wars X-Wing bed for your kid would surely make him your admirer

If you are a Star War fan you would surely love this geeky bed. Geeks love to make innovations and in the same process imgur user ‘DarthDaddy42’ has crafted an amazing X-wing bed for his kid. Lucky kid! Isn’t he? The X-wing bed is quite cool with strike foils that actually open and close like in an attack position. The bed is equipped with an HDTV along with a Blu-ray player.


Another fascinating feature of the bed includes the R2-D2 co-pilot at the back used as a cooler. The inside of the cockpit is missing and space has been created to make your kid sit and watch DVD’s on screen. Lucky are the kids who have such geeky parents!


x wing





wing1 x-wing-bed4

Via: NerdApproved


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