Steampunk electric guitar has amazing Knobs and Switches just like a Fighter Jet

Thunderer is a steampunk electric guitar handmade by Will Rockwell and technically supported by Manny Salvador. The name has been inspired from customary name given to cannons of British warships. It features several light switches and eight knobs that manages special effects, monitor battery power, adjust sound of different units and performs other functions too. It’s a stunning piece of art that offers music not only to ears but also to eyes.

Thunderer steampunk guitar 5

Body of Thunderer has been made from a slab of Walnut. To lighten the guitar portholes and internal cavities have been added. It comes with a tremolo bar, dual steam gauges and etched brass panels. There are output and input panels.

The guitar is being sold on Etsy for $12,000 USD and comes with a bag and a display stand. In the video below you can see the Thunderer in action.

Thunderer steampunk guitar

Thunderer steampunk guitar 1

Thunderer steampunk guitar 2

Thunderer steampunk guitar 3

Thunderer steampunk guitar 4

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