A set of speakers sends digital data faster than sound using supersonic waves

The researchers at Keio University have brought a new technology named SteganoSonic, capable of transmitting digital information into supersonic waves, into existence.  All you have to do is set out the terminal in the speaker zone and the information can be transferred from directional speakers to the screen. The speaker does not produce any sound as it sends information to the display. Now talking about the display, it is comprised of two panel units having many small supersonic wave speakers along with a tablet computer having an external receiver.

The speakers that we just talked about act as transducers. They collect digital as well as sound by swapping from audible to inaudible ultrasonic frequencies at high speeds. The system has also been termed as a parametric speaker acoustical system. Actually SteganoSonic loads inaudible supersonic waves with digital information like URL etc. and directs it towards the tablet terminal.

The technology could be used in various fields like militaries to blast unpleasant sounds to rebels to scatter them, or as a defense to hinder combat. In its most peaceful usage it is being used at Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto Japan for making sure that the announcements are heard only at admission without bothering guests visiting temple. Because of the directed sound transfer to a specific receiver the speakers could also be used to receive different train schedules and tourist information at different platforms.

Via: RocketNews24




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