Striking portable SNES mod is shock proof and holds 10 hrs battery backup

Modding can do miracles. We’ve seen a lot of mods related to gaming but this portable SNES might be the simplest yet the best one ever. The portable SNES mod has been made by a redditor known as robotairz. Yes, it’s an SNES mod, not so common piece of gaming these days but the popularity and craze of this gaming console led the modder create it with elegance.

SNES case mod

robotairz created the case last year but shared his creation on Reddit yesterday. The portable SNES is a yellow mod that comprises of a shock proof interior and a solid carry case. It is powered by six 3.7v 5000mAh li-po batteries and can be plugged in for charging via an inbuilt charger. One charge can hold more than 10 hours of gaming. It also has an 8” LCD with a resolution of 800×600.

SNES case mod 3

All of it took him about $425 in the built. Another redditor offered him $900 for the console but he rejected the offer as he is not willing to sell it.

SNES case mod

SNES case mod 4

SNES case mod 2

SNES case mod 5


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