Students build world’s biggest tennis racquet measuring 50 feet

Ashrita Furman, who holds several Guinness World Records along with some students at New York has built world’s largest tennis racquet measuring 15.2 mts (size of a bus). They all hope that the creation will make them a Guinness World Record holder. The racquet is dedicated to Sri Chinmoy who is a spiritual leader of Indian basis.

World's biggest tennis racquet

The racquet is a replica of legendary Billie Jean King’s racquet. The team got permitted by Guinness to make the replica of an old fashioned wood racquet. The world’s biggest racquet is made from the same material as the original king’s racquet and in the same scale. It weighs 5,443 kilograms and took a total of 10 days in the making. Made from wood and plastic tubes the racquet is put to display in Queens and was transferred using a crane.

Furman said it was a very difficult task to assemble the replica. Dealing with wood on such a large scale could never have been easy and stringing the racquet this big! Wow!

Via: SkyNews

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