Students made an airplane using bamboo

Hoos Flying, the “Flying Panda” was created at the University of Virginia’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering building. Some attractive features of the airplane are its bamboo craft, remote control handling, high performance, 11 pounds weight capable of carrying 25 pounds of payload. The one of a kind airplane has been crafted by a group of students known as “Hoos Flying.” The high performance aerospace from UVA was an initiative undertaken for the competition is the Society of Automotive Engineer’s (SAE) area design international collegiate competition and stood 14th among 40 participants.

The team decided to use bamboo for its light weight, high strength and low cost. Plywood was also used for high stress areas along with a combination of balsa and basswood. For accuracy and precision a complete computer mock-up was created. The components were intricately assembled with 9 feet wide ribs like wings, the balsa tail and fuselage segments aimed to link the pieces together. In the next step, radiant blue and orange covering was applied to the complete frame of the plane to ensure smooth and aerodynamic surface.

The competition was held outside Marietta, Georgia on April 27-29 where Flying Panda’s outstanding features and amazing appearance fascinated everyone. The way plane lifted its projected cargo was really commendable. All thanks to the hard work and brilliant ideas of the team.


Via: Virginia


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