Super Bike Hack: DIY automatic suspension lockout lets you control your bike ‘like a boss’

The LaPierre x Rockshox El shock has proven to be a revelation in the cadre of modern battery adjusted suspensions. The suspension along with the suspension adjustment system from fox which utilizes a Shimano Di2 battery has really inspired some bike re-engineering. Motivated by this same suspension culture is Vladimir Kolotov who has fused his love for riding and mini gadgetry into one. Bike Hack
Kolotov has built his own terrain sensing system capable of auto-adjusting between a fork and shock’s open or closed position. Two systems call for foremost attention. The first being the remote lockout shown in the video. The underside of the grip consists of tiny buttons which are almost invisible yet very much accessible. There’s more juice on the ride. Kolotov has put small accelerometers on the fork’s crown and inside the steer tube. There’s a cadence sensor linked to a microcontroller and battery, both neatly concealed and housed in the steerer tube. The principle involved is to instruct the system to react to forces from the front end of the so that it may manipulate the suspension settings, based on impact forces, riding speed and pedaling cadence.

Coming on to the second system. The system is responsible for judging the bike’s incline and automatically selecting the appropriate settings within Fox’s CTD settings.
Now the third system is quite stimulating. Kolotov has created an android app to view the system activity and control the settings. The app lets you dictate where the setting during different activities like coasting, pedaling on flats and climbs. What’s more, the changes can be negotiated wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The sweetest part about all this being that it is very power conserving, requiring only a small battery that slips into the head tube. It turns off when not in use, conserving the battery for months of standby and the entire setup sets you back roughly $100, adding only 120g on your ride.

Via: Bike Rumor

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