Super flexible UGIAJ Sunglasses can be twisted, turned or crushed

Now you need not worry about breaking or shattering your sunglasses. Angelo Piccioli, a designer from Italy brings to you an ultimate pair of sunglasses which are so flexible that they could be bent or twisted in any direction. You can even crush them in your hands like you do to a paper and still the sunglasses will return into their original form. These super flexible sunglasses are named UGIAJ and they provide maximum safety with comfort.

Ugiaj Milano Sunglasses

The frames are made of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) that gives them the ability of maximum flexibility and light weight. Glasses are made in optical Class 1 that gives protection from ultraviolet radiation, provides high breaking strength and high elastic capacity. UGIAJ sunglasses have two separate parts (the temple sticks and front body) which are attached together to make one piece. These sunglasses are trendy as well as safe. The best use of these sunglasses can be in water sports or wearing under helmet while biking.

The UGIAJ sunglasses come in a variety of colors and are very pocket-friendly with a mere $24 price tag. They can be seen on Indiegogo where the designer is seeking for funds to start mass production. The target of Ugiaj Milano is to gather USD 20,000.

Ugiaj Milano Sunglasses 1


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