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CreoPop lets you create glow in the dark 3D objects with ease

It’s been a decade we have been talking about 3D printers, 3D images, 3D movies and so on but has anyone ever imagined of using a pen in day to day life to create 3D drawings. I am sure market must be loaded with similar pens but what makes the pen that we are going to talk about here  most exclusive is that it is the world’s first 3D pen that uses cool ink instead of hot melting plastic.

4D printing technology enables objects to reassemble themselves over time

A new evolving technology has been put forward by an architect and computer scientist Skylar Tibbits. Using this concept, printing of such objects would be possible that can reunite themselves with time. Skylar Tibbits, who is also an MIT professor, has termed it as ‘4D printing’ using time as the fourth dimension. This is because printed objects reassemble themselves and take the original shape over a definite period of time.

Enough 3D printing! Now this pen can “write” in 3D, that too in the air

3D printing is a revolution in technological world. We have witnessed various types of 3D printers but what we are going to discuss today is really different and astounding. A 3D printing pen named 3Doodler. It’s a magical pen that can create wondrous objects in air, literally. 3Doodler is touted to be the world’s first and only 3D Printing Pen. Working of the pen seems  just like a magic, a magic to draw or write anything in air.

Specially designed booth for Valentine’s week can print your “Valentine Day Kiss” in 3D

3D Printing Kissing Booth 1

Valentine’s Day, a most celebrated day for lovers over a well defined period. The day also means an outburst in the amount of kissing that goes on. Well, this Valentine season Hot Pop Factory in collaboration with Untitled & Co. and Draft Print 3D brings you the 3D Printing Kissing Booth. It’s a pop-up event that allows you to capture your image with your lover and have it printed in 3D. Be it the lovely Neck Kiss, French Kiss or the casual Lip Kiss. ♥ Love is in the air! Isn’t it? ♥

Cooking simulator will make you a professional cook in no time

cooking simulator

Cooking is a very interesting hobby and those who love cooking, it’s a cake walk. But for the people like me who don’t know anything about cooking, it’s as difficult as taking first place in Marathon. A research group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has made a cooking simulator which works like a video game and helps make cooking easier and interesting for people like me.