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iPad compatible wall posters that play music on being touched

Wall posters…they are colorful, abstract, inspiring, ornamental, musical… wait musical? Yes, well apparently this one is! Novalia has blended simple picture approach with the modern-day artistic motif by adding interactive platform to the poster. A little about Novalia: it is a group of seven people from UK comprising of scientists, designers as well as programmers. The team has made its debut venture with a musical drum kit poster.

Transform any object in your home into an iPad like touchscreen

Have you ever wished to transform normal things around you in a way that would allow them to respond to your touch like touchscreen tablets do? Yes, isn’t that amazing? Two PhD students, John Hardy and Carl Ellis of Lancaster University have made this possible by creating a technology that can transform any object into a tablet computer. This new technology is christened ‘Ubi Displays’ and it requires a computer and a projector along with a camera to complete the touch display.

Solar power and bluetooth 4.0 combine to power and actuate a very slick game controller for your iPhone

Having a responsive and tough touch screen is all very good and rather basic now in smartphones. But say what one may, the joy of leaping over pits, collecting gold coins or shooting your nemesis with a sniper rifle is best relished with buttons. Yes, we’re talking of game controllers. A touch screen can go only so far as to simulate buttons for use within a game but the feel of the press of an actual, physical button is quite unparalleled which is why Justice Frangipane has come up with a an iPhone game controller which is unique in its own way.

Hitcase pro is a hit solution to turn your iPhone into a P.O.V. camera

Your iPhone is built for style, versatility, connectivity, ease of use but not entirely for a rugged adventure, or is it? Hitcase brings you the ‘HitcasePro’ which is a tough polycarbonate casing for your iPhone that turns your phone camera into a helmet cam. The case features a ‘two element lens’ which proficiently increases the inherent field of view of the iPhone lens making for the widest view possible.

A great café computer: Apple’s first laptop modded to run OS X

Apple mac mod

This case mod for Macintosh portable proves that nostalgia is a strong force which can even make a technological retrograde seem acceptable. Apparently, a nostalgic modder has upgraded the macintosh portable to the currently in use OS X. Needless to say that this change would not have been standalone but accompanied by hardware overhaul as well.

Send real life emoticons with an iPhone controlled drone

iStrike Shuttle

iStrike Shuttle is an iOS controlled drone which carries ping pong balls in form of real life emoticons called the iStrike Bombs. You will be able to deliver your emotions over the head of your target by controlling the drone with iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad through Bluetooth. The ping pong balls are imprinted with smileys of different kinds.

3D printed iPhone 5 case inspired from Lord Of The Rings

iPhone case

A geeky case for iPhone 5 owners and The Lord of the Rings fans is what a Shapeways user ‘joabaldiwn’ has designed. Apple logo behind the case transforms into the ‘evil eye of Sauron’ and glows graciously.

Gold Macbook Air by Computer Choppers shines a good deed in the naughty world

Gold Macbook Air

Computer Choppers have customized a lot of products in a decade. They deal with customizing on a luxury level, like gold and diamond customizing. This time the team has customized Apple’s Macbook Air 13 and 11 inch laptops into gold plated Macbook Air’s. Laptops have been customized into gold plated but they also include platinum plating, black chrome and more than 20 added options.

Old iMac elegantly fashioned with Oak and Bronze makes a stunning mod

oak iMac

Stephen Diebold is an artist and a designer from San Francisco who loves modding and designing. His latest product is an Oak iMac which has been modded from an old iMac of 2006. The beautiful modification of Apple’s iMac is worth appreciation but the work is still under progress. Designer has built a removable new case using oak and bronze. Both monitor and the keyboard have been modified into.

COCA COLA magazine that transforms into an iPod dock

Coca Cola dock

Amplifiers and docks for Apple products have produced a lot of buzz since Apple began production. Coke on the other hand has always been a trendsetter. You can well imagine, if Apple and Coke go hand in hand what impact they will make on the market. But this isn’t the case here. This time only Coke has taken an initiative to make something for Apple’s iPod. Coke has revealed a magazine that transforms into a music stand cum amplifier for the iPod. So, what do you get all in all? You get a magazine, an amplifier, a music stand as well as a dock for iPod.

The iPhone pouch with an integrated charging point

A new and unique way of charging your iPhone has come into existence, without even taking it out of your bag. The project has been recently featured on Kickstarter. All you need to do is keep your iPhone in the charging pouch known as Everpurse pocket, which will keep your iPhone charged throughout the day. The innovative project is the brainchild of Elizabeth Day Ormesher Salcedo. You can see further details in the video given below.

iPhone 5 case with gold embedding is worth $3000

Gresso, a luxury communication products company has unveiled a metal bumper case for the new iPhone. The company must have been eager to release their luxury case with gold embedding, since Apple hasn’t released new iPhone till now. Still Gresso is sure that the new iPhone could easily be fitted inside the case.

Vietnamese acoustics for the US born Apple iPhone5

iPhone Earphones

The new iPhone is expected to hit the market in September and like always the accessories for the long awaited gadget are already in the news. This time a Vietnamese site has posted a video that features headphones for the new iPhone. The video features all the important details about the new headphones and also compares them with the headphones of iPhone 4S. According to the site the headphones have been manufactured at Foxconn plant in Vietnam.

Double robotics turns a ‘double’ iPads into a telepresence device.

If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan then you would’ve probably witnessed a high-strung Sheldon substitute his actual presence for a telepresence device owing to his twisted fears of the ‘outside world’. Well, your reason for being telepresent needn’t be this crazy but now if you own an iPad, you can transform it into your very own telepresence device.

An app for iPhone that lets you create as many phone numbers for your original number

Burner app for iPhone

A new app for iPhone lets users create several disposable phone numbers in lieu of the original one. These phone numbers are not actually fake but functional. They can be used like the usual ones i.e. for phone calls and SMS’s to reach you, only, they come with an expiry.