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botanyBOT waters all your plants automatically


How we wished someone could open the main door for us, do all our household chores and even water our plants. Technology has already made most of the things possible but watering plants was always manual. But not anymore.  A plant watering system named as “botanyBOT” has been created by a team Arduino garden. The system has got a pump and water storing capacity along with other electrical parts.

GuitArduino is a futuristic guitar without strings

Alvin Coessens, Steven Thys and Lucas Daniels have built an experimental musical instrument in the context of a project for Fablab and the Media, Arts & Design Faculty in Genk, Belgium. The case description was to explore the possibilities of making a musical instrument through the newly openend Fablab (a concept from MIT). They build a futuristic electric guitar that could play music just by a touch , no plucking or picking is required. Also, the guitar has no strings attached, only the visible fret-board is there.

Controlling the movements of a cockroach via your twitter account? Bizarre but true

Nothing can encroach on your peace like a roach, especially when you are at your unsuspecting most. That eerie moment when you have to stay with your eyes fixed upon the insect more out of aversion that the slightest fascination, gauging its next movement so that when it moves, you may be in a direction different altogether. Well, believe it or not, Brittany Ransom went ahead with an experiment where she can actually instruct a cockroach of its movements.

Hex Sense translates body movements into musical notes

Hex Sense

Hex Sense is a wearable sound and light interface by Shan Liu and Mehdi Salehi that converts body gestures into musical tunes. The system comprises of a dress embedded with Lilipad Arduino, nitinol wires and LEDs and use Max/MSP software to control and generate music. The dress’s hexagonal design is inspired from beehive as it forms a platform for sound and visual interactions.