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Incredibly detailed two foot tall Star Wars AT-AT Cake

Incredibly detailed two foot tall AT-AT Cake

See the picture below? Would you believe me when I say it’s a cake? No you won’t. But trust me, it is. The amazingly detailed AT-AT cake is a creation by ChrisTheCook of Cake Central. It’s a two foot tall groom’s cake that looks just like an original AT-AT Walker from the Star Wars. Talking about details, the cake stands on snow, giving it a Planet Hoth-like look.

Steampunk coffee table inspired from NES controller is made of recycled stuff

Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

You may be a coffee addict or a gaming freak. Whatever the situation may be, you will just love Charles Lushear’s marvelous creation which is a coffee table inspired from Nintendo controller. The artistically created coffee table features Steampunk style and is therefore called “Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table.” It is made from recycled materials with a glass set on the top to hold your coffee.

AK-47 Rifles remodelled into fabulous watches

Inversion Principle Tourbillon watch

Fonderie 47 is an organization that produces luxury items and has been formed for the purpose of development of Africa. Peter Thum and John Zapolski, the founders of the organization, raise capital to demolish the use of AK-47’s in Africa. Their latest artefact is an Inversion Principle Tourbillon watch that is made from recycled AK-47 Rifles. The luxury watch is a limited edition creation and is limited to just 20 units.

Google’s Talking Shoe can connect to your smartphone

Google's talking shoe

Google has a new ‘Talking Shoe’ that can translate movements into witty messages. The talking shoe is a part of “Art, Copy, Code” project and was displayed at SXSW Interactive headquarters. This project is set with an objective of giving life to everyday objects, hence, the talking shoe.

A tattoo making robot etches religion on your forearm

Art is serendipity and religion is choice. Choice and serendipity meet midway in the Auto Ink- a robot that engraves tattoos of religious significance on forearms but the choice of religion remains random, depending on the impulses of the robot. Isn’t it eccentric? The eccentric idea behind the tattoo etching Auto Ink is of an artist’s Chris Eckert. Let’s observe the principle and mechanisms that guide Eckert’s tattoo press.

Discarded bikesTaxidermy is the best way to recycle your old bikes and flaunt them


Regan Appleton, a graduate from Royal College of Art is a Scottish designer who is founder of a brilliant piece of artwork called Bicycle Taxidermy. He found his father’s old and disposed off mountain and road bikes and thought of making an art out of them all. He got on to those ‘rotten’ pieces of bikes and decided to make Taxidermy, like it is done in case of animals.

World’s longest chocolate structure is a 34 meter long train detailed gorgeously

Top chocolate train

Andrew Farrugia is a chocolate artist who came up with the idea of making a chocolate train while a visit to the Belgian Chocolate Festival in Bruge. He spent more than 700 hours in completing his masterwork. Now the chocolate train holds a Guinness World Record for the longest chocolate structure in the world.

LEGO Batcave, the sculpture of Batman’s headquarters looks amazingly attractive

The brothers Brick, a blog exclusively for LEGO fans has talked about the splendid LEGO Batcave that was unveiled at Emerald City Comicon in March this year. The amazing Bactcave, created by Carlyle Livingstone II and Wayne Hussey has been crafted using 20,000 parts and weighs around 100 pounds. The sculpture of Batman’s headquarters was not easy to make. It took around 12 week period and lots of hard work and immense creativity to craft this whopping structure.

Students build world’s biggest tennis racquet measuring 50 feet

World's biggest tennis racquet

Ashrita Furman, who holds several Guinness World Records along with some students at New York has built world’s largest tennis racquet measuring 15.2 mts (size of a bus). They all hope that the creation will make them a Guinness World Record holder. The racquet is dedicated to Sri Chinmoy who is a spiritual leader of Indian basis.

“Blow Job” are the magnificent Marijuana Smoke paintings by a Brazilian artist

An artist from Brazil named Fernando de La Rocque came out with a brand new “controversial piece of artwork.” Controversy lies in his technique as well as caption of the work. For the technique part- Fernando creates paintings related to religion and politics, that too by blowing smoke of “Cannabis” on a piece of paper. Yes, you read it right, blowing smoke of Cannabis. And for the Caption part- name of his artwork is “Blow Job” or Trabalho de Sopro. Isn’t that pouring creativity from everything he does: the art, the technique and even the name?