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Mood, a sustainable iPhone case breaks apart to form an acoustic speaker

Elegantly designed mood case for your iPhone is an exclusive blend of nature and technology. The case not only protects your iPhone but also imparts the warm touch to your precious gadget. Such great fusions are seen very rarely. The packaging project called Mood designed by Jacob Gerhardt was made keeping sustainability in mind.

Dolce & Gabbana join hands with Grado to produce great headphones inside out

DS2012 headset

Premium designer labels look enticing on apparels and accessories but when stamped on technology, they seldom receive the respect which reputed tech giants do. However, quality is an attribute with an identity of its own, independent of the brand, highly conspicuous and recognizable whenever present. Dolce & Gabbana- the deft duo of the fashion world have produced something in the name of acoustics which boasts of both quality and design. Having teamed with Grado Labs, D&G have fulfilled their commitment to quality while staying novel technologically.

A set of speakers sends digital data faster than sound using supersonic waves

The researchers at Keio University have brought a new technology named SteganoSonic, capable of transmitting digital information into supersonic waves, into existence.  All you have to do is set out the terminal in the speaker zone and the information can be transferred from directional speakers to the screen. The speaker does not produce any sound as it sends information to the display. Now talking about the display, it is comprised of two panel units having many small supersonic wave speakers along with a tablet computer having an external receiver.