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Wren demonstrates how sound can be beautiful to both ears and ‘eyes’ with their wireless V5 speakers for iPhone and other smartphones

Wren sound system brings to you majesty of looks and sound packaged into one. The Wren V5 speakers are a testament to design and acoustics.  With no additional wires running around, the speakers have been built for nothing else but to emit undefiled sound from delightfully crafted speaker cabinets.

Stelle Pillar music system, an exclusive gift for fashionable women combines tech with style

Stelle Pillar music system

Ashcraft Design in collaboration with Stelle Audio built a handy wireless music system that brings together technology and fashion. Known as ‘Stelle Pillar,’ the music system symbolizes sound as a part of your daily life. It has especially been built for women as they contribute a major part in buying consumer electronics. ‘Pillar’ stands for fashion and music and is a perfect blend of lifestyle, music, portability and design.

Receptor Bug: A POC helmet with built-in ‘Beats’ by Dr. Dre headphone

Receptor Bug Helmet

Receptor Bug is a POC snow helmet which now comes with incorporated ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ headphones. The helmet is created to provide max safety with full on entertainment to the wearer. A remote control and a mic are embedded into the cord. Taking calls, changing tracks and adjusting volume can be done from the cord itself. Also, the helmet is compatible with most smart phones and music players.