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Robotic Bartender serves you your favorite drink. Cheers!

Carl the Robot Bartender

Make me a drink, Bartender! This is something that you would probably say to a barman. However, if you enter a German bar called “Robots Bar and Lounge,” you’d be astonished to see a robot who’s just gawking to take your order. The Robots Bar and Lounge in Ilmenau, eastern Germany doesn’t has a human to serve your drinks, instead it has a robot bartender who is popularly known as Carl.

Amazing LEGO Robot Hand does everything your hand can do

Lego Robotic Humanoid Hand

Barbos aka Barman from Netherland is a Lego fan whose latest creation is a fully functional Lego hand. The robotic hand is built from six motors and Mindstorms NXT control units and has an ability to move like a human hand. The fingers can stretch in all directions and are also able to make a fist.