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Jet Powered Batman Batmobile is up for grabs on eBay for $620,000

Are you a Batman fan? Willing to buy a Batmobile at any cost? Then this jet turbine powered Batmobile is the right thing for you. Even though it is way too expensive but super details of the car and a jet powered engine won’t let a Batman follower disappointed. The vehicle has same weight and power as of the Dodge Viper so you can well imagine how fast it would be.

LEGO Batcave, the sculpture of Batman’s headquarters looks amazingly attractive

The brothers Brick, a blog exclusively for LEGO fans has talked about the splendid LEGO Batcave that was unveiled at Emerald City Comicon in March this year. The amazing Bactcave, created by Carlyle Livingstone II and Wayne Hussey has been crafted using 20,000 parts and weighs around 100 pounds. The sculpture of Batman’s headquarters was not easy to make. It took around 12 week period and lots of hard work and immense creativity to craft this whopping structure.

Awesome jet powered Batwing made from scratch flies like a bat


I just love anything inspired by Batman. Few days ago I posted about a guy from Vietnam who finished building his Batpod superbike from scratch. And now, a YouTube user named Chris Allen has built an amazing jet powered Batwing out of scratch. Chris has used tiny jets to power the batwing and yes, it can fly miles above your head.

Batpod superbike from ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is now complete with deadly looks


About a month ago, the “Dark Knight Rises” inspired super motorcycle was seen all over the internet that attracted many folks and was a major newscast on blogs as well as social networking sites. The homebuilt superbike from Vietnam was not complete then but still grabbed a lot of attention. And now after a month or so the Batpod is complete and shares an aggressive appearance. If you guys liked framework of the Batpod then just have a look at its complete version, I bet, you’ll fall in love with the superbike.