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You can wear this flexible cable battery around your neck like a necklace

Flexible cable battery

LG Chem is a South Korean firm of LG and a very big chemical company. The firm is developing batteries from many years and now has come up with a new kind of battery that is like a cord and is very flexible. The battery can be worn like a necklace or a hand band. It is quite flexible so much so that it could be easily tied into knots or woven in clothes like thread. The flexible cable battery is first of its kind but the properties of battery remain untouched. It is a Li-ion battery that will be used to power up gadgets and devices with a benefit and a difference that it is flexible and can acquire any shape.

Georgia Tech develops a coin sized battery that charges when you move

When we first heard about a self-charging battery, a mere thought gave us dreams about its existence. Could it be a possibility? Yes, Georgia Tech has come up with a coin sized battery that can fit inside your shoe and recharges itself when you move. The battery is lithium-ion in which electrodes have been swapped with polyvinylidene difluoride film that is covered with piezoelectrics. The researchers have tested the battery and results came out to be positive. All energy that the cell develops is by the movement only, no external voltage is used.