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Extreme Mod: Bike with an aircraft engine

Sternmotorbike: Bike With Aircraft Engine

We’ve featured many bizarre vehicles earlier, last week a huge bike with tractor tyres stole the show. Today is the time for Sternmotorbike, a bike powered by an airplane engine. The bike has 9 cylinders and not even a single silencer. I think the designer wants everyone to hear the bike roar. It took about one and a half years for Frank Ohle (designer of the bike) to complete this masterpiece.

World’s smallest bike rack can fit in your pocket and can transform into an iPad mount


A Florida based company named SeaSucker has revealed Hornet, which they say is the smallest bike rack in the world. The company has been showing off a lot of products in tradeshows and outdoor events but Hornet is what we think the best of all. It can be mounted onto the window of any kind of hatchback, minivan or SUV.

KICKR Bike trainer uses iPhone to let you ride in the real world

KICKR Power Trainer

Sitting on a training bike and working out for some time makes you fit but doesn’t excite you much. To make up with this odd situation Wahoo Fitness has revealed a power bike that connects with your iPhone and gives you feel of the real world. The trainer bike connects to a screen in the front that displays the path you are riding.