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Swarovski and gold studded bikes are the new way to roll in ‘Green luxury’

Now here’s something which may not qualify as an ideal gift for placing under the Christmas tree, all wrapped up but is a great gift nonetheless. For bicycle lovers, here’s a ride for lifetime. A made in Russia lowrider bike costs $30000 and is an eclectic beauty composed of Italian leather and decked with over 1500 Swarovski tattoos.

Discarded bikesTaxidermy is the best way to recycle your old bikes and flaunt them


Regan Appleton, a graduate from Royal College of Art is a Scottish designer who is founder of a brilliant piece of artwork called Bicycle Taxidermy. He found his father’s old and disposed off mountain and road bikes and thought of making an art out of them all. He got on to those ‘rotten’ pieces of bikes and decided to make Taxidermy, like it is done in case of animals.

PainTTless by Thunderbike is studded with Copper and Nickel to give one hell of a Steampunk grace

PainTTless is a custom bike by Andreas Bergerforth and his squad “The Thunderbike Garage.”  The design is inspired by ice-racing motorbikes. It took about eight months to finish the built. Most of the work was done by hand and all the effort was put in for the AMD World Championship of customizing bikes which was held in Sturgis (USA).