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IOE3-Kanban: A 100MP camera developed in China

IOE3-Kanban- A 100MP camera

Institute of Optics and Electronics has developed a 100MP camera that can capture 10,240 x 10,240 resolution images through its square-format sensor. The work was done under Chinese Academy of Sciences and right now it’s the highest pixel camera in China. The IOE3-Kanban camera, as it is known, is actually very small in size measuring just 7.6” and is lightweight too.

Suitcase that ‘suits’ all your photo studio needs

Adding to the list of bizarre gadgets is a touchscreen photo booth crafted in a suitcase. Yes! Kiosk is a customized photo booth made out of a vintage suitcase. It has got 15 inch touchscreen and a Logitech c920 webcam. The most fascinating part is you can get printout of the photographs there and then. You can also post your photographs on social networking sites using the touchscreen facility.

Doughnut camera is the ‘sweetest’ camera ever

My Doughnut can click pictures, what about yours? Yes, you read it right. Here comes the sweetest camera so far. The cool gadget is not only stylish in looks but also features a three mega-pixel camera and a number of fascinating shooting modes. The doughnut shaped camera has PVC coating and most of the buttons are hidden to uphold its shape. Who wouldn’t give a smile looking at the sweet doughnut camera?

World’s smallest wearable camera can capture your life in a fine resolution

Memoto camera

Memoto, a camera known to be the world’s smallest has been showcased by a team of scientists. The camera can capture your life moments every 30 seconds and can be weared like a necklace or clipped on to the shirt. Memoto has been modernized by a Swedish start-up and is currently being pledged on Kickstarter.

Intelligent camera can capture athlete’s heart rate, acceleration, temperature and HD images

Mini camera with maxi brainpower

Wouldn’t it be astounding if you could feel what athletes feel when they are about to perform their event? Or, when they are done performing? Or may be, when they are about to get reward for their remarkable performance? You will soon be able to access all this information in real time with the pictures of athletes. Fraunhofer researchers in Erlangen, Germany have developed an INCA intelligent camera that not only captures images of athletes in HD broadcasting quality but also captures their acceleration, temperature and pulse.

A briefcase with camera and LCD for ‘deep sea adventures’

Deep Water Camera Set with Case

Diving deep into the sea with a camera to capture exquisiteness, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, some don’t get the honours and some are too afraid to do it. But Chinavasion’s brand new product lets everyone feel the lucidness of deep water diving without actually diving in the water. The “Deep Water Camera Set with Case” comes with a 20mt cord that can go deep into the sea, a hi-def camera at one end of the cord is used for professional underwater videography and photography and the other end joins a 7 inch remote viewing LCD screen.

Ego WiFi HD Camera doubles up as a WiFi hotspot for live streaming

Ego HD video camera is a brand new product by Liquid Image that you can use as a WiFi hotspot to stream life videos or pictures to your phone, tablet or PC. The camera can take videos in four different modes which are 1080p video, 720p video, 12 megapixel photos and a continuous mode.

Photographer implants computer into a DSLR Camera

David Hunt, a bright mind photographer from Ireland thought of implanting his Canon 5D Mark II with a computer, and guess what? He did it successfully. Raspberry Pi is a boon for many as it is for this artist, David inserted a Raspberry Pi worth €35 into an old and broken battery grip (after some modifications so that the computer would fit into the grip).