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iKnife can detect cancer within seconds

iKnife- detects cancer

Students at London’s Imperical College have developed a surgical knife that can detect cancer within seconds. They call it the iKnife that stands for “Intelligent Knife.” The wand like device can detect where the cancerous tissue lies in the body and whether it has been removed or not. Zoltan Takats is the key brain behind the device. He says that the iKnife will pace up cancer surgeries and will make it more effective and efficient.

A ‘cell phone’ made out of living cells can fight cancer

Cell phone biological

ETH Zurich researchers have made a cell phone. Well, it’s not any regular cell phone, it’s a cell phone made out of mammalian cells. The cells have been programmed in such a manner that they can communicate (message or phone) with each other via chemical signals. A specialized cycle of proteins and genes is reprogrammed for the communication to take place between cells. This communication process in turn will help fight cancer. The infected cells will receive a message to be overridden by the programmed cells and hence the infected cells will become healthy cells.