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I’m Here, a compact colorful GPS tracker can easily locate your valuables

CES 2013 was a platform for many wonderful gadgets. One such useful and handy gadget that would make our day to day work really easy is a GPS tracker named as I’m here. The tracker works on the same technology as cellphones. You can easily find out the location of the device whenever and wherever you want . The device has been designed by a well renowned Italian company named as I’m.

CES 2013: boomBOTTLE bike speaker by Scosche will make biking fun for riders

At CES, a number of modern appliances and accessories make their first appearance every year and some products and commodities are rated better and different than others in one way or other. Here we have one example i.e boomBOTTLE Bluetooth speaker by Scosche, a world renowned electronics company. Appearance of bike speaker is enticing for all age group riders.

CES 2013: Twistable PaperTabs are all set to revolutionize electronics industry

Would you like to fold your tablet? Yes, you read it right. The day is not far when you will able to twist and drop your tablet screen without the fear of damaging it. The innovatory tablet developed by Queen’s University Canada would be as thin as a paper sheet. They have created this tablet in partnership with Intel Labs and Plastic Logic. The use of the device will definitely revolutionize virtually unbreakable gadgets.

CES 2013: Nvidia unveiled Project Shield, an amazing handled gaming console

CES 2013 in Las Vegas is providing platform for many amazing things. Nvidia has come up with a high tech Tegra 4 mobile chip that powers Project Shield, an amazing Android gaming handheld console. The device resembles a wireless controller with flip up display. The input output ports are provided at the back of the device. It has HDMI, microSD, USB and audio jack as well.

CES 2013: A touch sensitive iPhone case to free your screen from fingers

Sensus iPhone case

Canopy is a company in Minneapolis, USA that deals in and produces mobile accessories. The company will unveil at CES 2013 an innovative iPhone case that responds to touch. Sensus is a touch sensitive case that adds new ways to interact with your phone while providing maximum safety. The back and right side of the case are touch sensitive through which you can control your iPhone.

iPhone controlled Mercedes Benz car to be unveiled at CES 2013, features playable speakers

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG RC TOP

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is a brand new RC car to be unveiled at CES 2013 by Silverlit. The car is controlled using an iPhone, iPad or an iPod through an app and Bluetooth connectivity. The app also allows you to sense force feedback from your device while you control the car.