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Intelligent Bike Light flashes and alerts the rider on sensing danger

Riding a bicycle is fun but driving on busy roads among other hefty automobiles is sure to leave you with safety concerns. IDEO London hosted a two days event where designers and hackers from all across the world exhibited their brilliance and expertise. Jeremy Innes-Hopkins an Industrial Designer along with his team created a very useful device for cycle safety.

Oceanwings Neoprene Suit is designed so as to make you ‘fly underwater’

Oceanwings Neoprene Suit

Ever wondered how it would feel to fly underwater? Well, a joint effort of Guillaume Binard with Frédérique directed by Jérôme Espla has revealed a suit called “Oceanwings Neoprene Suit” that gives quiet a belief of flying underwater.  The movie illustrates the passion, sentiment and sensation related to sub-aquatic activities.