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iKnife can detect cancer within seconds

iKnife- detects cancer

Students at London’s Imperical College have developed a surgical knife that can detect cancer within seconds. They call it the iKnife that stands for “Intelligent Knife.” The wand like device can detect where the cancerous tissue lies in the body and whether it has been removed or not. Zoltan Takats is the key brain behind the device. He says that the iKnife will pace up cancer surgeries and will make it more effective and efficient.

A cooling glove created by Stanford researchers literally sucks the heat out of athletes

the glove stanford

Athletes can’t use steroids to cool down their body heat because using steroids are against the law. Therefore, Stanford researchers have created a device called “the glove” that cools down body heat rapidly and is of a great help to athletes. Stanford’s H. Craig Heller and Dennis Grahn are two researchers who have created this device and according to Grahn the discovery is a coincidence. They actually wanted to make a model to study heat dissipation and accidently came out with such a useful device.

Intelligent camera can capture athlete’s heart rate, acceleration, temperature and HD images

Mini camera with maxi brainpower

Wouldn’t it be astounding if you could feel what athletes feel when they are about to perform their event? Or, when they are done performing? Or may be, when they are about to get reward for their remarkable performance? You will soon be able to access all this information in real time with the pictures of athletes. Fraunhofer researchers in Erlangen, Germany have developed an INCA intelligent camera that not only captures images of athletes in HD broadcasting quality but also captures their acceleration, temperature and pulse.

SmartThings, a smart way to manage everyday things in your house


Technological advancements have made our life quite simple and easy. SmartThings is a similar innovative technology that would surely amaze you with its extreme accuracy and usefulness. The project has been funded by Kickstarter and is a magnificent wireless system operated through a smartphone. The aim behind the project is to exhibit the completely programmed homes. The device can be used for connecting locks, lights, thermostat and even pantry appliances to the internet.

PEO device doesn’t allow access to PC unless you are absolutely fit

Personal Energy Orb

People are struggling for fitness these days and the main cause is obesity. Sitting in front of PC and surfing internet all day long makes the condition worse. Considering this ‘Janko Hofmann’ and ‘Fabian Pammer’ developed a device for a course at the University of Munich that blocks your access to the computer unless you’ve travelled a good distance on your bike. PEO (Personal Energy Orb) is a concept device that compels you to do exercise on your bike to balance the time spent on your computer.

A credit card sized device ‘electronic nose’ can detect every odour in the air

Electronic nose

Engineering prof. Nosang Myung who is based at University of California is working with Nano Engineered Applications, and has developed a device that can sniff presence of any kind of substance around it. Nosang says that the device is just a prototype and includes a computer chip, USB ports, and temperature and humidity sensors. The device would be very useful in every sector. It would detect presence of gas leaks in industrial sectors, pesticide levels in agriculture sectors, chemical conflicting agents in military sector and will also be helpful for police to empty drugs from pockets of drug dealers.

Ecoxpower charges your Smartphone and shows you way ahead at the same time


Ecoxpower is a weird looking but a very useful device for smartphone owners and bicycle lovers. It gets attached to a bicycle and charges a smartphone by pedaling and also works as a little bright headlight that shows the way ahead. Ecoxgear made this cool device to suit the needs of common people. It also supports iPhone and comes with a water proof and handlebar fixable case for iPhone.

“Instacube” connects to your device wirelessly and exhibits your “Instagram” feeds


A start-up company named Design 2 Matter (D2M) has developed a device for Instagram lovers, it’s called Instacube. Instacube lets a user stream Instagram pictures directly and wirelessly on its screen.  The Instacube displays images three times the actual size. The device measures 7.5×7.5×2.5” and displays only Instagram images, it does not stream any external source image. 

Georgia Tech develops a coin sized battery that charges when you move

When we first heard about a self-charging battery, a mere thought gave us dreams about its existence. Could it be a possibility? Yes, Georgia Tech has come up with a coin sized battery that can fit inside your shoe and recharges itself when you move. The battery is lithium-ion in which electrodes have been swapped with polyvinylidene difluoride film that is covered with piezoelectrics. The researchers have tested the battery and results came out to be positive. All energy that the cell develops is by the movement only, no external voltage is used.