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Life-size replica of Tie Fighter Spacecraft by Star wars fans is a masterpiece

Another amazing masterpiece by Star Wars passionate fans has come into limelight. A life-size model of the ‘Tie Fighter’ spacecraft has been created by a team of German Star Wars admirers. The 1:2 scale replica of Tie Fighter has been crafted using plastic, wood and steel which took almost 2 years for completion. The Darth Vader’s Tie fighter was publicized in Eichenzell, Germany and has become a hot topic of discussion among Star wars fan since then.

Most bizarre keyboard ever is perfect for writing stories

Hemisphere Keyboard by Skyberrys

Carrie Segal, a 27 year old Makebly user has built a brass and glass USB keyboard that’s absolutely dissimilar to any regular keyboard. The image you see here is not a techie weapon instead it’s a keyboard consisting of all 36 vital writing keys. The keyboard called Hemisphere Keyboard looks like a sphere with multiple spikes. Each spike is having a glass ball at the end with letters encrypted on top.

A kit that lets you make your own sailboat

DIY Sailboat Kit by Balmain Boat Company

Balmain Boat Company has found an excellent way to entertain you this summer. They have come up with the DIY Sailboat Kit. This kit allows you to build your very own sailboat in just a few hours. All you need to do is get equipped with hammer, drill and caulking gun and follow the instructions on the manual.

‘Invisible Headphone’ is an implanted speaker right inside the ear

Rich Lee Invisible Headphone

You would have to be an ultimate music fan to do what Rich Lee has done. The guy has implanted a wireless headphone in his ear to free himself from the daily hassle of misplacing or losing his headphones. More than just a music fan Rich is a Grinder, one who experiments with body enhancements and surgical implants. Therefore he came up with an idea of implanting a magnet (that works like a speaker) into his Tragus.

Huge motorbike with tractor tyres is made of junk

Huge Chinese Motorbike

Chinese people are awesome in making things out of junk. This amazing motorcycle has also been made from junk by a chap known as Abulajon who is from Manas County, Xinjiang China. The huge bike would surely make all the bike riders jealous of its grand looks. It took Abulajon a whole year to complete the bike as well as he spent 8000 yuan (Rs. 70,000) in building it.

Record made of ice actually works on a record player

Blue Ice.. ice record

From Sweden comes the band Shout Out Louds which is credited for producing novel and kicky sounds for nearly a decade now. Their latest release is christened ‘Optica’ and to puff up its launch and presence, they’ve come up with a  very newfangled method of listening their music on well…ice.

Decelerator helmet presents the world in slow motion after filtering the environment

The “decelerator helmet” as the name suggests allows the user to understand the world in a total slow motion. The unique design has been crafted by a German artist  Lorenz Potthast. Technical senses are entrusted in the helmet that offers experimental approach to one of the most significant topic of the globalized world. The apparatus works by breaking the stream of time under operator’s control.

The Bright Eyes Kit glasses can play videos as well as respond to your tweets

The Bright Eyes Kit

Technology Will Save Us came up with a new fun project for programmers called ‘The Bright Eyes Kit.’ The kit contains programmable sunglasses embedded with 174 LEDs. Currently running as a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of £17,500 it encourages folks to study programming.

Students made an airplane using bamboo

Hoos Flying, the “Flying Panda” was created at the University of Virginia’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering building. Some attractive features of the airplane are its bamboo craft, remote control handling, high performance, 11 pounds weight capable of carrying 25 pounds of payload. The one of a kind airplane has been crafted by a group of students known as “Hoos Flying.” The high performance aerospace from UVA was an initiative undertaken for the competition is the Society of Automotive Engineer’s (SAE) area design international collegiate competition and stood 14th among 40 participants.

DIY Arcade style racing cockpit gives you the real thrill of racing track

DIY Racing Cabinet

This article will surely give goose bumps to those who are crazy about racing games. The fun of racing games increases if you have a steering wheel to handle the car instead of a controller. And having a racing cockpit to perform it is like a cherry on the cake. This whole setup has been designed by Matthew Boyer and gives his living room a real feel of the racing track.

Californian teacher created a computer lab with grand total investment of $0

We all have grown up listining to the phrase that where there is a will there is always a way. Proving it right, Robert Litt, a school teacher in Alameda created a computer lab for students in the school lacking funds. To accomplish the purpose free software was used and around 70 computers running on Ubuntu were assembled together.

Huge Steampunk Iron Man action figure is detailed to the core

Kids are fascinated by action figures, one of their favourite is Iron Man. But, this steampunk Iron Man action figure is not for kids, this one is for us, grownups. A 24-inch steampunk action figure of Iron Man by Pack Rat Studios is detailed to the core. The figure has 54 points of articulation in whole body and a light up chest piece. Jonathan Kuriscak from Pack Rat Studios took a total of five months to build this awesome figure.

A homemade Star Wars snow speeder sled is made out of card board

Sledding is one of the most exciting activities for kids, adults or elders. Everyone enjoys snow sledding, but a user on the internet who is named as “Fortyozjuicebox” sledding isn’t so exciting until you sled on a “Star Wars snow speeder sled.”

LED Top hat is for the “party animal” living inside you

If you are a party fanatic and love to dress up like a “centre of attraction” thing while having fun, then this LED Top hat is what you should look forward to. A YouTube user “Safarir” has build this vivid hat to bring out the extreme out of you.

A dazzling homemade “DeLorean” can hover on any flat surface

Hovercrafts are pretty cool things, riding a “Back to the Future” inspired hovercraft, cooler. A graduate from San Francisco, Matthew Reise is so much fascinated by the movie that he built a DeLorean hovercraft for himself out of scratch.