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Hungry for Burritos? Order via your smartphone and watch them fall off the sky

Burrito Bomber

Developed by Darwin Aerospace, the Burrito Bomber is a revelation in the space of food delivery. It’s as fast as ordered food delivery can get. Here’s how this express hunger quenching system works. The customers send their order to the Bomber web app via their smartphone. Servers utilize the phone’s GPS to recognize its position. Subsequently, a waypoint file is generated for the drone.  The burrito is loaded into a custom made tube which is deployed down onto the customer’s location by a parachute. 

Send real life emoticons with an iPhone controlled drone

iStrike Shuttle

iStrike Shuttle is an iOS controlled drone which carries ping pong balls in form of real life emoticons called the iStrike Bombs. You will be able to deliver your emotions over the head of your target by controlling the drone with iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad through Bluetooth. The ping pong balls are imprinted with smileys of different kinds.

Drone that carries safety measures for drowning swimmers


Queensland beaches are full of fun seekers when summers begin. There are swimmers and surfers everywhere. But these beaches try to swallow the fun seekers or the non swimmers, every now and then. To get rid of this problem and many other related to safety on beaches, lifesavers on Queensland beaches will be handed controls of unmanned drone aircrafts. These drones will patrol beaches for safety of people.

A Solar-Powered unmanned aircraft can fly all day long but comes with an extreme price tag

The Silent Falcon is an unmanned drone that draws most of its power from sun and can fly for 14 hours. A Mexico startup named Albuquerque, has introduced this six-foot long aircraft. The drone comes with a very heavy price label of $250,000 to $300,000 but some of the government and law enforcement agencies are looking forward to it.