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Sports car made out of cardboard is awfully Eco-friendly

race car made out of cardboard and plywood by Aston University

A race car made out of cardboard and plywood was presented by students of Aston University at Shell Eco-Design competition. Judges of the competition were enthralled by the creation and decided to rank this car no. 1 among all the other creations. Yes, the car won the competition. It is also an Eco-friendly car as it is powered by Hydrogen. Also, the car is created in such a way that it folds entirely when required, for easy transportation (shipping, etc.)

The world’s first 3D printed racing car can pace at 140 km/h

The Areion

A group of 16 engineers named “Group T” has unveiled a racing car “Areion.” The group is competing in Formula Student 2012 challenge, and the car it has unveiled is world’s first 3D printed race car. The Areion is not fully 3D printed but most of it is. It was tested on Hockenheim race circuit and went from zero to 100km/h in just four seconds. The maximum speed achieved by the car on the same circuit was 141km/h. The car is eco friendly as well as a motivation for innovative technology. Cutting-edge technologies bestowed on the environmentally friendly race car include an electric drive train, bio-composite materials and 3D printing on a big scale with Materialise.