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Super flexible UGIAJ Sunglasses can be twisted, turned or crushed

Ugiaj Milano Sunglasses

Now you need not worry about breaking or shattering your sunglasses. Angelo Piccioli, a designer from Italy brings to you an ultimate pair of sunglasses which are so flexible that they could be bent or twisted in any direction. You can even crush them in your hands like you do to a paper and still the sunglasses will return into their original form. These super flexible sunglasses are named UGIAJ and they provide maximum safety with comfort.

iPhone armband with LED lets you run carefree in the dark

Basecase Blaze
A quick morning run is the favourite coffee for many around the world. There would be very few heath conscious folks whose daily routine lacks this convention of an activity. Unfortunately not everyone’s schedule allows for a brisk morning heat at daybreak, even if they want to. Working hours drilling long into the night, odd working hours and so forth hinder regularity. But you run anyway.

Mato is a funky accessory for your style and a techie one for your PC

Mato - Flash Drive

Gadgets are becoming more compact and fashionable these days. This trend is taken a step ahead by Laurent Hongisto who has designed a drive that would certainly occupy more space in working as well as in our heart. The drive is designed in a very stylish curvy smartness using special fabric by Danish. The drive has been termed as Mato. It is a Kickstarter project pledging to reach a goal of $18,000 and the funding ends on 21st Jan 2013.