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Self balancing Hovertrax is the fun way of personal transportation


I’ve always wanted an easy and fun way of travelling short distances. I am quite sure you too wanted the same. Just for some guys like us, Inventist, a company that makes compact personal transportation vehicles, has unveiled Hovertrax. Hovertrax is a self-balancing, light-weight and small transporter that can carry you around at 6mph for 4 miles on a single charge. It can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor transportation.

Auto Mee S: Hockey puck like robot to keep your touchscreen device crystal clear

Keeping touchscreen devices clean is a major snag that users have to face every now and then. To deal with this snag a Japanese company known as Takara Tomy has developed a robot that swipes away the dust and dirt off your device’s screen and makes it crystal clear. The robot acts as a tiny vacuum cleaner (Roomba-like) and cleans the screen of your smartphone or tablet.