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A computer so tiny and efficient that it works in and out of the human body

With the advancement in technology, the size of gadgets is reducing considerably. The nano-breakthroughs have revolutionized the entire world and this time it is an entire operational computer which has been miniaturized. This tiny computer is less than one cubic millimeter in size and is a brain child of a team from the University of Michigan. The most fascinating part is that it is the world’s smallest computer. It has been named as Michigan Micro Mote or M3 and can efficiently perform functions like data storage, wireless communication etc.

Asteroid Belt is a geeky accessory that binds your waist around gaming excitement

Have you ever heard about a combination of waist belt and gaming? Weird but true. The unique belt that we are talking about lets you play video games on its buckle. Designed by Instructables user “cunning fellow”, the Asteroid Belt is a great blend of style and practicality. The best part is that it could be used as a quick time-waster when you need to kill time. The designer did not give any instructions on how he programmed it as according to him its quiet a job for a layman.

Auto Mee S: Hockey puck like robot to keep your touchscreen device crystal clear

Keeping touchscreen devices clean is a major snag that users have to face every now and then. To deal with this snag a Japanese company known as Takara Tomy has developed a robot that swipes away the dust and dirt off your device’s screen and makes it crystal clear. The robot acts as a tiny vacuum cleaner (Roomba-like) and cleans the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Point and Click Dictionary doubles up as an MP3 player


Point and Click Dictionary is a compact digital dictionary that comes with an integrated camera. The camera points at words or sentences in a book and displays the meaning on a 2.4″ color LCD. It has up to 500,000 word definitions and supports four different language translations. All you have to do is point the camera scanner at the words and the dictionary will display the information automatically. It can also read out the meanings loud through its built-in speaker system.

Ecoxpower charges your Smartphone and shows you way ahead at the same time


Ecoxpower is a weird looking but a very useful device for smartphone owners and bicycle lovers. It gets attached to a bicycle and charges a smartphone by pedaling and also works as a little bright headlight that shows the way ahead. Ecoxgear made this cool device to suit the needs of common people. It also supports iPhone and comes with a water proof and handlebar fixable case for iPhone.

Vigoris is a crazy rubber ball that recharges your gadgets after you play with it

Vigoris is a rubber ball that doubles up as a cell phone charger. It uses kinetic energy to charge itself and recharges a cell phone by converting kinetic energy into electric energy. The rubber bouncing ball Vigoris has been developed by Daniel Swann, a UK resident and a product designer.