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Solar power and bluetooth 4.0 combine to power and actuate a very slick game controller for your iPhone

Having a responsive and tough touch screen is all very good and rather basic now in smartphones. But say what one may, the joy of leaping over pits, collecting gold coins or shooting your nemesis with a sniper rifle is best relished with buttons. Yes, we’re talking of game controllers. A touch screen can go only so far as to simulate buttons for use within a game but the feel of the press of an actual, physical button is quite unparalleled which is why Justice Frangipane has come up with a an iPhone game controller which is unique in its own way.

Rebel fighters from Syria made a tank out of car junk, controlled via gaming remote

Homemade Tank

Rebels from Syria have built an actual tank out of cars outer body parts. According to its builder, Mahmud Abud, it was built to take Bashar Assad’s (President) province. It took a total of one month and $10,000 to complete the tank.