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Perfect replica of Nintendo gaming console made of LEGO


Weltall1028, a Flickr user has created an awesome replica of Nintendo Entertainment System using LEGO bricks. LEGO NES is imitation of actual NES featuring the exact same size and dimensions. Color theme also matches the original NES console i.e. black and white. Top of the console can flip open to place in it the actual NES cartridge.

Disney’s 3D printed device lets you “feel” virtual objects

Aireal: Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air

Aireal, a device that has been developed by researchers of Disney lets you feel virtual objects. Yes, that’s true. The device when connected on to your television or your iPad blows rings of air on you to create a sensation on your body and make you feel virtual objects. It’s like you’ll be able to feel bullets and bombs when you are hit by enemy in CoD.

Asteroid Belt is a geeky accessory that binds your waist around gaming excitement

Have you ever heard about a combination of waist belt and gaming? Weird but true. The unique belt that we are talking about lets you play video games on its buckle. Designed by Instructables user “cunning fellow”, the Asteroid Belt is a great blend of style and practicality. The best part is that it could be used as a quick time-waster when you need to kill time. The designer did not give any instructions on how he programmed it as according to him its quiet a job for a layman.

Steampunk coffee table inspired from NES controller is made of recycled stuff

Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

You may be a coffee addict or a gaming freak. Whatever the situation may be, you will just love Charles Lushear’s marvelous creation which is a coffee table inspired from Nintendo controller. The artistically created coffee table features Steampunk style and is therefore called “Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table.” It is made from recycled materials with a glass set on the top to hold your coffee.

Soccer ball spins and bends automatically when kicked

BuredaMaster Blur Ball

Do you want your kid to be a soccer player? Yes of course, everyone wishes to make his kid play like Bechkam! You can fulfill this dream of yours by making your kid play with this miraculous ball termed as “BuredaMaster Blur ball” or “BuredMaster Bending Ball.” The ball lets you put some spin on the shot even if you aren’t good at playing football. It’s a “magic ball” that also produces sound effects when kicked.

Real life version of Mario Karting is a dream come true for Mario Kart game fans

If you are a Mario Kart fan you would have surely fantasized about playing a real life version of the game once in a while. There is a good news for all such fans out there as two engineers from Texas named Hunter Smith and Ben James have created a real life version of Mario Bros racing game.

CES 2013: Nvidia unveiled Project Shield, an amazing handled gaming console

CES 2013 in Las Vegas is providing platform for many amazing things. Nvidia has come up with a high tech Tegra 4 mobile chip that powers Project Shield, an amazing Android gaming handheld console. The device resembles a wireless controller with flip up display. The input output ports are provided at the back of the device. It has HDMI, microSD, USB and audio jack as well.

Huge fully functional Nintendo controller made from LEGO bricks

There is a good news for LEGO lovers and a win-win for those who love gaming along with LEGOs. Yes, we are taking about a huge NES controller almost five feet in size.  The amazing work was undertaken by Baron Von Brunk. The striking controller is not only exact LEGO made replica of NES but is also fully functional. Though using giant LEGO control combos are expected to make the game little tough.

Striking portable SNES mod is shock proof and holds 10 hrs battery backup

Portable SNES mod

Modding can do miracles. We’ve seen a lot of mods related to gaming but this portable SNES might be the simplest yet the best one ever. The portable SNES mod has been made by a redditor known as robotairz. Yes, it’s an SNES mod, not so common piece of gaming these days but the popularity and craze of this gaming console led the modder create it with elegance.

Solar power and bluetooth 4.0 combine to power and actuate a very slick game controller for your iPhone

Having a responsive and tough touch screen is all very good and rather basic now in smartphones. But say what one may, the joy of leaping over pits, collecting gold coins or shooting your nemesis with a sniper rifle is best relished with buttons. Yes, we’re talking of game controllers. A touch screen can go only so far as to simulate buttons for use within a game but the feel of the press of an actual, physical button is quite unparalleled which is why Justice Frangipane has come up with a an iPhone game controller which is unique in its own way.

Gloveless hand tracker by Microsoft allows easy interaction with electronics

With user friendly interfaces coming up with a great pace, a new interface has come up that tracks the movement of its users. The new technology has been created by Microsoft and is termed as Digits. The device is worn on a user’s wrist from where it tracks the hand movements. The unique feature of the device is you need not wear any glove with it. Its efficiency could be made out from the fact that it detects hand positions in 3D, which means you can turn a book page or zoom in the page by just lifting your hand.

DIY Arcade style racing cockpit gives you the real thrill of racing track

DIY Racing Cabinet

This article will surely give goose bumps to those who are crazy about racing games. The fun of racing games increases if you have a steering wheel to handle the car instead of a controller. And having a racing cockpit to perform it is like a cherry on the cake. This whole setup has been designed by Matthew Boyer and gives his living room a real feel of the racing track.

Archos tablet with an inbuilt joystick will boost your gaming performance

Archos has been well known for revolutionizing the consumer electronics market and has even won award for brining innovation in electronics. The company is again in limelight for announcing their first gaming tablet. The tablet features 7inch screen and runs on Android 4.0. It also features 1.5GHz dual core processor along with a quad-core Mali 400 Graphics Processing unit. Another remarkable feature is that with the regular touchscreen, the tablet has got physical gaming controls as well. For making physical gaming tools compatible with the Android games, Archos has introduced its own gaming recognition and mapping tools.

Cooking simulator will make you a professional cook in no time

cooking simulator

Cooking is a very interesting hobby and those who love cooking, it’s a cake walk. But for the people like me who don’t know anything about cooking, it’s as difficult as taking first place in Marathon. A research group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has made a cooking simulator which works like a video game and helps make cooking easier and interesting for people like me.

Coco case turns your iPhone into a handheld gaming console

The Coco controller is a design of Milkshake Labs that is able to transform your iPhone into a portable gaming console. Not only the case is compatible with iPhone, it also supports Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone 4/4S, the fourth-generation iPod touch and the forthcoming sixth-generation iPhone. The case can also be used as a joystick for other IOS devices like iPad and Macbook pro.