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Gold Plated pistol to celebrate 50 years of James Bond

Gold Plated Baretta

24ct. Gold pistol has been designed by Goldgenie to mark the 50th anniversary of the best spy in history, James Bond. Goldgenie has gold plated Bond’s favourite gun that is the Beretta and the gun is limited by only 50 pieces for sale. A Bond follower will surely be lured by the weapon’s looks.

Elegant gold plated computers give your home a majestic touch of royalty

Gold Plated computers

A French designer George Chirita makes lavish computers and other accessories, but not for the common man and only for the millionaires. His work is inspired from royal families of Kings and Queens. The gold-plated computers that he has made are inspired from King Louis XVI. They are indeed very expensive for common people and you would not prefer buying them at all. Range starts from $17,000 and finishes on $21,000. But the lavishness of these computers can allure you and could make you drool. They are very neatly decorated with most expensive materials like marble, lapis lazuli and most significantly gold.