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Super Bike Hack: DIY automatic suspension lockout lets you control your bike ‘like a boss’

Bike Hack

The LaPierre x Rockshox El shock has proven to be a revelation in the cadre of modern battery adjusted suspensions. The suspension along with the suspension adjustment system from fox which utilizes a Shimano Di2 battery has really inspired some bike re-engineering. Motivated by this same suspension culture is Vladimir Kolotov who has fused his love for riding and mini gadgetry into one. 

Hex Sense translates body movements into musical notes

Hex Sense

Hex Sense is a wearable sound and light interface by Shan Liu and Mehdi Salehi that converts body gestures into musical tunes. The system comprises of a dress embedded with Lilipad Arduino, nitinol wires and LEDs and use Max/MSP software to control and generate music. The dress’s hexagonal design is inspired from beehive as it forms a platform for sound and visual interactions.

Ben Heck gives tank-like motor control and joystick-like foot control to a wheelchair

Ben Heck wheelchair

Ben Heck is known for hacks and mods on gaming consoles. Never did he thought about hacking for a nobel cause, but this time Ben Heck actually did it for a physically disabled dad, who is about to become a father. Josh Benhart visited Ben and requested him to build a wheelchair for him that he could use while carrying his newborn along. Ben couldn’t refuse and he took the project, although, the project wasn’t able to complete on time, Ben finished it with great zeal.

Photographer implants computer into a DSLR Camera

David Hunt, a bright mind photographer from Ireland thought of implanting his Canon 5D Mark II with a computer, and guess what? He did it successfully. Raspberry Pi is a boon for many as it is for this artist, David inserted a Raspberry Pi worth €35 into an old and broken battery grip (after some modifications so that the computer would fit into the grip).

LED Top hat is for the “party animal” living inside you

If you are a party fanatic and love to dress up like a “centre of attraction” thing while having fun, then this LED Top hat is what you should look forward to. A YouTube user “Safarir” has build this vivid hat to bring out the extreme out of you.