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‘Invisible Headphone’ is an implanted speaker right inside the ear

Rich Lee Invisible Headphone

You would have to be an ultimate music fan to do what Rich Lee has done. The guy has implanted a wireless headphone in his ear to free himself from the daily hassle of misplacing or losing his headphones. More than just a music fan Rich is a Grinder, one who experiments with body enhancements and surgical implants. Therefore he came up with an idea of implanting a magnet (that works like a speaker) into his Tragus.

Dolce & Gabbana join hands with Grado to produce great headphones inside out

DS2012 headset

Premium designer labels look enticing on apparels and accessories but when stamped on technology, they seldom receive the respect which reputed tech giants do. However, quality is an attribute with an identity of its own, independent of the brand, highly conspicuous and recognizable whenever present. Dolce & Gabbana- the deft duo of the fashion world have produced something in the name of acoustics which boasts of both quality and design. Having teamed with Grado Labs, D&G have fulfilled their commitment to quality while staying novel technologically.

Receptor Bug: A POC helmet with built-in ‘Beats’ by Dr. Dre headphone

Receptor Bug Helmet

Receptor Bug is a POC snow helmet which now comes with incorporated ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ headphones. The helmet is created to provide max safety with full on entertainment to the wearer. A remote control and a mic are embedded into the cord. Taking calls, changing tracks and adjusting volume can be done from the cord itself. Also, the helmet is compatible with most smart phones and music players.

Vietnamese acoustics for the US born Apple iPhone5

iPhone Earphones

The new iPhone is expected to hit the market in September and like always the accessories for the long awaited gadget are already in the news. This time a Vietnamese site has posted a video that features headphones for the new iPhone. The video features all the important details about the new headphones and also compares them with the headphones of iPhone 4S. According to the site the headphones have been manufactured at Foxconn plant in Vietnam.