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Batpod superbike from ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is now complete with deadly looks


About a month ago, the “Dark Knight Rises” inspired super motorcycle was seen all over the internet that attracted many folks and was a major newscast on blogs as well as social networking sites. The homebuilt superbike from Vietnam was not complete then but still grabbed a lot of attention. And now after a month or so the Batpod is complete and shares an aggressive appearance. If you guys liked framework of the Batpod then just have a look at its complete version, I bet, you’ll fall in love with the superbike.

A homemade Star Wars snow speeder sled is made out of card board

Sledding is one of the most exciting activities for kids, adults or elders. Everyone enjoys snow sledding, but a user on the internet who is named as “Fortyozjuicebox” sledding isn’t so exciting until you sled on a “Star Wars snow speeder sled.”

A dazzling homemade “DeLorean” can hover on any flat surface

Hovercrafts are pretty cool things, riding a “Back to the Future” inspired hovercraft, cooler. A graduate from San Francisco, Matthew Reise is so much fascinated by the movie that he built a DeLorean hovercraft for himself out of scratch.