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iPad compatible wall posters that play music on being touched

Wall posters…they are colorful, abstract, inspiring, ornamental, musical… wait musical? Yes, well apparently this one is! Novalia has blended simple picture approach with the modern-day artistic motif by adding interactive platform to the poster. A little about Novalia: it is a group of seven people from UK comprising of scientists, designers as well as programmers. The team has made its debut venture with a musical drum kit poster.

Disney’s 3D printed device lets you “feel” virtual objects

Aireal: Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air

Aireal, a device that has been developed by researchers of Disney lets you feel virtual objects. Yes, that’s true. The device when connected on to your television or your iPad blows rings of air on you to create a sensation on your body and make you feel virtual objects. It’s like you’ll be able to feel bullets and bombs when you are hit by enemy in CoD.

Transform any object in your home into an iPad like touchscreen

Have you ever wished to transform normal things around you in a way that would allow them to respond to your touch like touchscreen tablets do? Yes, isn’t that amazing? Two PhD students, John Hardy and Carl Ellis of Lancaster University have made this possible by creating a technology that can transform any object into a tablet computer. This new technology is christened ‘Ubi Displays’ and it requires a computer and a projector along with a camera to complete the touch display.

Duo Pinball iPad controller lets you play pinball like it is played on a real machine

Duo Pinball controller for iPad

We all love to play games but playing games on laptop or iPad might not give the same feel that comes with button mashing while playing a real game. The Duo Pinball iPad Controller does the same thing. A pinball controller worth $60 has been designed to bridge this gap between the real and the simulated experience of Duo pinball.

Double robotics turns a ‘double’ iPads into a telepresence device.

If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan then you would’ve probably witnessed a high-strung Sheldon substitute his actual presence for a telepresence device owing to his twisted fears of the ‘outside world’. Well, your reason for being telepresent needn’t be this crazy but now if you own an iPad, you can transform it into your very own telepresence device.