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Hitcase pro is a hit solution to turn your iPhone into a P.O.V. camera

Your iPhone is built for style, versatility, connectivity, ease of use but not entirely for a rugged adventure, or is it? Hitcase brings you the ‘HitcasePro’ which is a tough polycarbonate casing for your iPhone that turns your phone camera into a helmet cam. The case features a ‘two element lens’ which proficiently increases the inherent field of view of the iPhone lens making for the widest view possible.

iPhone 5 made at home using a piece of steel. You can make one too!

iPhone 5

Are you an iPhone fanatic? Don’t have money to buy it? No need to worry, a guy from China has created an iPhone 5 replica at home using only steel and has acknowledged complete method on Weibo (Chinese). Following the procedure you can build one for yourself at home, believe me it’s very easy.

3D printed iPhone 5 case inspired from Lord Of The Rings

iPhone case

A geeky case for iPhone 5 owners and The Lord of the Rings fans is what a Shapeways user ‘joabaldiwn’ has designed. Apple logo behind the case transforms into the ‘evil eye of Sauron’ and glows graciously.

The iPhone pouch with an integrated charging point

A new and unique way of charging your iPhone has come into existence, without even taking it out of your bag. The project has been recently featured on Kickstarter. All you need to do is keep your iPhone in the charging pouch known as Everpurse pocket, which will keep your iPhone charged throughout the day. The innovative project is the brainchild of Elizabeth Day Ormesher Salcedo. You can see further details in the video given below.

iPhone 5 case with gold embedding is worth $3000

Gresso, a luxury communication products company has unveiled a metal bumper case for the new iPhone. The company must have been eager to release their luxury case with gold embedding, since Apple hasn’t released new iPhone till now. Still Gresso is sure that the new iPhone could easily be fitted inside the case.

Vietnamese acoustics for the US born Apple iPhone5

iPhone Earphones

The new iPhone is expected to hit the market in September and like always the accessories for the long awaited gadget are already in the news. This time a Vietnamese site has posted a video that features headphones for the new iPhone. The video features all the important details about the new headphones and also compares them with the headphones of iPhone 4S. According to the site the headphones have been manufactured at Foxconn plant in Vietnam.