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iFlask: An iPhone like gadget to hold your booze

world’s first ever smart flask

Hiding your booze from others is easy but hiding it for a long time is difficult. To help you in hiding your booze very effectively, a team of students have created iFlask. iFlask is an iPhone styled flask that can hold 5 oz of your beloved beverage. Yup, that’s right, the picture you see here is not an iPhone neither it is an iPhone case, it’s actually a flask specially meant to hold your drink.

Mood, a sustainable iPhone case breaks apart to form an acoustic speaker

Elegantly designed mood case for your iPhone is an exclusive blend of nature and technology. The case not only protects your iPhone but also imparts the warm touch to your precious gadget. Such great fusions are seen very rarely. The packaging project called Mood designed by Jacob Gerhardt was made keeping sustainability in mind.

CES 2013: A touch sensitive iPhone case to free your screen from fingers

Sensus iPhone case

Canopy is a company in Minneapolis, USA that deals in and produces mobile accessories. The company will unveil at CES 2013 an innovative iPhone case that responds to touch. Sensus is a touch sensitive case that adds new ways to interact with your phone while providing maximum safety. The back and right side of the case are touch sensitive through which you can control your iPhone.