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Handcrafted iPhone tank charger is made up of recycled materials

iPhone Tank Charger

iPhone chargers are not so good looking. They are not suitable as a piece of decoration, but Tech Toy designer PHU has come up with tank charger which is a brilliant piece of home decor. These chargers are handcrafted by him and are available at Four Corner Store for US$395. 4CS and PHU work in collaboration to provide these tanks to the consumers.

Ecoxpower charges your Smartphone and shows you way ahead at the same time


Ecoxpower is a weird looking but a very useful device for smartphone owners and bicycle lovers. It gets attached to a bicycle and charges a smartphone by pedaling and also works as a little bright headlight that shows the way ahead. Ecoxgear made this cool device to suit the needs of common people. It also supports iPhone and comes with a water proof and handlebar fixable case for iPhone.