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iPad compatible wall posters that play music on being touched

Wall posters…they are colorful, abstract, inspiring, ornamental, musical… wait musical? Yes, well apparently this one is! Novalia has blended simple picture approach with the modern-day artistic motif by adding interactive platform to the poster. A little about Novalia: it is a group of seven people from UK comprising of scientists, designers as well as programmers. The team has made its debut venture with a musical drum kit poster.

Mood, a sustainable iPhone case breaks apart to form an acoustic speaker

Elegantly designed mood case for your iPhone is an exclusive blend of nature and technology. The case not only protects your iPhone but also imparts the warm touch to your precious gadget. Such great fusions are seen very rarely. The packaging project called Mood designed by Jacob Gerhardt was made keeping sustainability in mind.

Solar power and bluetooth 4.0 combine to power and actuate a very slick game controller for your iPhone

Having a responsive and tough touch screen is all very good and rather basic now in smartphones. But say what one may, the joy of leaping over pits, collecting gold coins or shooting your nemesis with a sniper rifle is best relished with buttons. Yes, we’re talking of game controllers. A touch screen can go only so far as to simulate buttons for use within a game but the feel of the press of an actual, physical button is quite unparalleled which is why Justice Frangipane has come up with a an iPhone game controller which is unique in its own way.

Hitcase pro is a hit solution to turn your iPhone into a P.O.V. camera

Your iPhone is built for style, versatility, connectivity, ease of use but not entirely for a rugged adventure, or is it? Hitcase brings you the ‘HitcasePro’ which is a tough polycarbonate casing for your iPhone that turns your phone camera into a helmet cam. The case features a ‘two element lens’ which proficiently increases the inherent field of view of the iPhone lens making for the widest view possible.

iPhone 5 made at home using a piece of steel. You can make one too!

iPhone 5

Are you an iPhone fanatic? Don’t have money to buy it? No need to worry, a guy from China has created an iPhone 5 replica at home using only steel and has acknowledged complete method on Weibo (Chinese). Following the procedure you can build one for yourself at home, believe me it’s very easy.

Send real life emoticons with an iPhone controlled drone

iStrike Shuttle

iStrike Shuttle is an iOS controlled drone which carries ping pong balls in form of real life emoticons called the iStrike Bombs. You will be able to deliver your emotions over the head of your target by controlling the drone with iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad through Bluetooth. The ping pong balls are imprinted with smileys of different kinds.

Wearable Contour+2 camera makes social media and mobility walk hand in hand

Contour Inc. has revealed its latest high definition wearable POV camera Contour+2.  The most interesting feature about the camera is that it offers Facebook integration along with the iPhone remote control facility. The camera is so efficient that it can draw 120 frames per second for 480p slo-mo action. It is a head mounted camera which shoots in 1080p. You can easily pair the Contour+2 with your iPhones with the help of the new Contour Connect App and Bluetooth connectivity.

Coco case turns your iPhone into a handheld gaming console

The Coco controller is a design of Milkshake Labs that is able to transform your iPhone into a portable gaming console. Not only the case is compatible with iPhone, it also supports Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone 4/4S, the fourth-generation iPod touch and the forthcoming sixth-generation iPhone. The case can also be used as a joystick for other IOS devices like iPad and Macbook pro.

An app for iPhone that lets you create as many phone numbers for your original number

Burner app for iPhone

A new app for iPhone lets users create several disposable phone numbers in lieu of the original one. These phone numbers are not actually fake but functional. They can be used like the usual ones i.e. for phone calls and SMS’s to reach you, only, they come with an expiry.