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Perfect replica of Nintendo gaming console made of LEGO


Weltall1028, a Flickr user has created an awesome replica of Nintendo Entertainment System using LEGO bricks. LEGO NES is imitation of actual NES featuring the exact same size and dimensions. Color theme also matches the original NES console i.e. black and white. Top of the console can flip open to place in it the actual NES cartridge.

Lego ‘Game of Thrones’ scenes will surely amaze fans of the show as well as Lego admirers

Passion can take us to any limit. No matter how grown up we are but when it comes to liking something passionately we all become kids. Who would have thought of making an American epic fantasy television series Games of Thrones using Legos that too keeping in mind the target audience of the show. But strangely an enthusiastic fan has designed a complete site named as Lego Games of Thrones that represents scenes from the show using Lego.

Harry Potter Hogwards School built from 400,000 LEGO bricks

It’s amazing how artists use their creativity to make what they adore. Drop down list from the category of artists include “Lego Builders”. Beautiful as well as meticulous are their creations. LEGO designer Alice Finch is yet another Lego artist who is brilliant at her work. She made a beautiful detailed Hogwarts School from Harry Potter movie using 400,000 LEGO bricks. The replica is so detailed that it represents every part of Harry Potter series (even the staircases like to change).

Elvis, a cool LEGO helicopter built from 100,000 bricks

Elvis Lego Helicopter

Ryan McNaught is a LEGO artist who is taking part in an Australian convention called Brickvention. The event will display some of the most beautiful LEGO creations by various talented artists. One of the many creations is Ryan McNaught’s Elvis. Elvis is a LEGO helicopter, based on Erickson S-64 Air-Crane Helicopter and is made from 100,000 bricks.

Amazing LEGO Robot Hand does everything your hand can do

Lego Robotic Humanoid Hand

Barbos aka Barman from Netherland is a Lego fan whose latest creation is a fully functional Lego hand. The robotic hand is built from six motors and Mindstorms NXT control units and has an ability to move like a human hand. The fingers can stretch in all directions and are also able to make a fist.

Huge fully functional Nintendo controller made from LEGO bricks

There is a good news for LEGO lovers and a win-win for those who love gaming along with LEGOs. Yes, we are taking about a huge NES controller almost five feet in size.  The amazing work was undertaken by Baron Von Brunk. The striking controller is not only exact LEGO made replica of NES but is also fully functional. Though using giant LEGO control combos are expected to make the game little tough.

The popular model depicting a Han Solo frozen in carbonite goes LEGO and Life Size

The legendary Harrison Ford adopted the persona of a legendary character by the name of Han Solo in the original Star Wars Trilogy. Since then, the character has been nothing short of iconic. Being the most popular star wars merchandise, there’s been a latest modification to the popular Han Solo frozen in Carbonite model.

New Time Twister clock tells time by turning its LEGO bricks

Time twister

Hans Andersson is a software programmer and developer and also a casual LEGO Mindstormer. Don’t judge him when I say ‘a casual LEGO Mindstormer’, you won’t believe the cool and geeky products he has built. The last one of them is Time Twister 2, a LEGO Mindstorm clock that displays the time by turning around LEGO bricks mechanically.

LEGO Batcave, the sculpture of Batman’s headquarters looks amazingly attractive

The brothers Brick, a blog exclusively for LEGO fans has talked about the splendid LEGO Batcave that was unveiled at Emerald City Comicon in March this year. The amazing Bactcave, created by Carlyle Livingstone II and Wayne Hussey has been crafted using 20,000 parts and weighs around 100 pounds. The sculpture of Batman’s headquarters was not easy to make. It took around 12 week period and lots of hard work and immense creativity to craft this whopping structure.

LEGO record player plays records with horrifying tones

You must have seen LEGO replicas for a number of things but this one will surely amaze you. A record player crafted completely out of LEGOs has been created in a very beautiful manner. YouTuber Old Music on Vinyl’s LEGO turntable uses LEGO and technical components for its base and is fully functional. The platter is made using a huge gear from a toy kit named as “The Gear Box” and is not made up of LEGOs.

A giant Lego cruise ship by Samsung at Photokina 2012

LEGO cruise ship

World’s biggest trade fair for photographic industry, the Photokina 2012 was held in Cologne, Germany this year. The camera companies had brilliant designs for their booths. Spectacular were the displays put forth by them. Pharaohs, helicopters, Ferraris and what I liked the most out of them, a Lego cruise ship were extravagantly displayed for the photographers to click and see even the minutest detail from the models.

F1 Ferrari car replicated using LEGO bricks

Good news for LEGO admirers, a 1:1 replica of F1 Ferrari car has been created by a 16 member team from LEGO productions in Czech Republic. The replica has been created to celebrate F1 hit in Singapore. It took around six months to design the replica and around ten days to assemble it. So much of time was consumed because LEGO bricks were individually assembled and pasted on a steel frame.

One machine, 17 ways of transporting LEGO balls

Okay let’s give you a heads up before you delve into the details. You’ve got to watch the video first before reading and if we’re on the same page then dear reader then you will be filled with sheer appreciation for the creator of this ingenious system of Lego ball transportation device.

14 year old kid assembles a staggering Life-Size LEGO Iron Man

LEGO Iron Man

Evan Bacon, a 14 year old kid is a diehard fan of super heroes. Previously he created a life-sized LEGO Batman sculpture and now he is back with another super creation, a Life-Size “LEGO Iron Man.” The LEGO Iron Man sculpture stands six feet tall, even taller than Evan himself. His stunning creation looks real and also features arc reactor and light up eyes and hands.

A LEGO Sniper Rifle so powerful that it can actually drill walls

The LEGO rifle inspired by Dragunov SVU is so powerful that it can make holes through a wall. A youtube user RJGDWIz has made this striking work of art. Whole body of the rifle has been made out of Legos except the trigger mechanism which is made of a long rubber band. This Lego rifle is a bullpup variant of a sniper rifle i.e. the action mechanism lies behind the trigger.