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Life-size replica of Tie Fighter Spacecraft by Star wars fans is a masterpiece

Another amazing masterpiece by Star Wars passionate fans has come into limelight. A life-size model of the ‘Tie Fighter’ spacecraft has been created by a team of German Star Wars admirers. The 1:2 scale replica of Tie Fighter has been crafted using plastic, wood and steel which took almost 2 years for completion. The Darth Vader’s Tie fighter was publicized in Eichenzell, Germany and has become a hot topic of discussion among Star wars fan since then.

14 year old kid assembles a staggering Life-Size LEGO Iron Man

LEGO Iron Man

Evan Bacon, a 14 year old kid is a diehard fan of super heroes. Previously he created a life-sized LEGO Batman sculpture and now he is back with another super creation, a Life-Size “LEGO Iron Man.” The LEGO Iron Man sculpture stands six feet tall, even taller than Evan himself. His stunning creation looks real and also features arc reactor and light up eyes and hands.