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iMac fashioned with gold and precious stone is perfect for filthy rich

iMac gold and precious stones

Apple devices are favorite products of modders all around the world. We have seen modded Apple devices like an Oak iMac and Gold plated Macbook Air’s in the past. Now another brilliant mod of the Apple iMac has been completed using onyx (some models are made of malachite, jade, etc.), gold and ivory. Outer case of the iMac has been entirely swapped with stone, detailing work is gorgeous and monitor covering has been done with ivory. 

Xbox 360 controller wholly modified into a rugged Steampunk 360 controller

Steampunk Xbox 360 controller

Modifications on 360 controllers look striking. Having seen so many mods on them, an artist named Reader Devin decided to steampunk a 360. Reader turned a standard controller into a mechanical Victorian style art controller. He transformed it fully from buttons to the body.