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Spidey’s latest suit boasts of a built-in MP3 player

The Amazing Spiderman 2

There are some very interesting changes in Spider-Man’s suit that are going to be featured in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. One of the major changes is a music player embedded into the Web-Slinger’s costume. Yes, you read that right. Our very own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is gonna enjoy music while fighting crime.

Stelle Pillar music system, an exclusive gift for fashionable women combines tech with style

Stelle Pillar music system

Ashcraft Design in collaboration with Stelle Audio built a handy wireless music system that brings together technology and fashion. Known as ‘Stelle Pillar,’ the music system symbolizes sound as a part of your daily life. It has especially been built for women as they contribute a major part in buying consumer electronics. ‘Pillar’ stands for fashion and music and is a perfect blend of lifestyle, music, portability and design.

Point and Click Dictionary doubles up as an MP3 player


Point and Click Dictionary is a compact digital dictionary that comes with an integrated camera. The camera points at words or sentences in a book and displays the meaning on a 2.4″ color LCD. It has up to 500,000 word definitions and supports four different language translations. All you have to do is point the camera scanner at the words and the dictionary will display the information automatically. It can also read out the meanings loud through its built-in speaker system.

The Doggy radio’s musical bark is worth a hark

Doggy radio

What’s that cuddly doggy with the red nose over there? We’ll tell you what it is and you’ll surely like what we tell you. That pup right there is a limited series radio designed by Yoshitomo Nara. This art object of a radio shall be restricted to 3000 pieces only. The ‘doggy radio’ is fashioned in fibreglass and houses in it a high-born Yamaha sound system which plays your favourite music in bright, vibrant tones.