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23 radio controlled cars pull a ‘Dogsled’

Creativity has no limits and when great artists like Mai Yamashita and Naoto KobayashiIn think of doing something different, innovations are bound to happen. ‘Dogsled’ is a project worked upon by the above mentioned artists that works with a wheeled sledge and 23 toy cars. The toy cars are remote controlled and are masked with fur to make them comparable to sledge pulled by dogs.

It’s an RC car chase and everything is made of cardboard

Car Race

Every now and then we see a car chase in movies. It may be fake or real but it definitely makes one hold one’s breath. Another great car chase has been shot by a Youtube user FinalCutKing which is real in terms of “Radio Controlled miniature cars” but fake in terms of the city through which cars are driven. The cars are radio controlled Ford Mustangs and the city is made up of cardboards, spray paint and glue. Anyway, it’s the best RC car chase I’ve ever seen. See it in the video below.