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Robotic Bartender serves you your favorite drink. Cheers!

Carl the Robot Bartender

Make me a drink, Bartender! This is something that you would probably say to a barman. However, if you enter a German bar called “Robots Bar and Lounge,” you’d be astonished to see a robot who’s just gawking to take your order. The Robots Bar and Lounge in Ilmenau, eastern Germany doesn’t has a human to serve your drinks, instead it has a robot bartender who is popularly known as Carl.

Now this is badass: A robot band playing heavy metal song “Ace of Spades”

An all-robot band called Compressorhead has three members a bassist, guitarist and a drummer. They can play AC/DC and Pantera like heavy metal classics. Their latest video features a popular track by Motorhead called “Ace of Spades”. You can see them move their heads and arms like actual band members, in the video below.

Tiny ping pong robots could build a habitat on another planet

Technology is making things faster and compact. Did you ever imagine seeing ping pong ball sized robots? Assistant Professor Nikolaus Correll along with his team has developed 20 such robots in the University of Colorado Boulder US. These robots can perform complex tasks and researchers are further working on them to make them versatile. The robots can work together in synchronization.

Kibo robot makes you fall in love with itself by making friendly relations

Kibo robot

Kibo, a robot that is designed to give space astronauts some company when they feel alone in space is a project by Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), Robo Garage of Kyoto University, Dentsu and Toyota. A 13 inch robot weighing 1kg and is capable of making friendly relations with humans by understanding their behaviour and emotions. It can also take pictures, make a valid conversation and can post Twitter updates for you. Following is the sketch model of Kibo that shows how the robot will look like. 

A 3D-printed hi-tech remote controlled Transforming Robot

Autobot Transformer robot 1

Brave Robotics has developed a robot that can transform into a car with push button controls. It’s a 3D printed (3D Printed parts) robot that functions like an actual Autobot, only the scale is 1/12. The robot can walk around very quickly, transform within seconds, shoot missiles and can be driven like a sports car. It also features a Wi-Fi camera that can capture the Autobot’s view and display it on a tablet or any other gadget of same kind.

Identify leaks in the pipes using remote-controlled water droplets

robotic water droplets

Sometimes small things make our life taxing, like finding a leak in a pipe can become labor intensive as well as time consuming at times. The situation might get worst if the pipe runs underwater oozing invisible chemicals or if the leak is small. A novel method is being worked upon using remotely controlled water droplets. Peng Wang, an assistant professor of environmental science and engineering along with his team discovered a smart way to envelope single droplet of water in a nanometer sized sphere. The sphere made up of iron oxide and covered with silicon and a polymer, behaves like liquid marbles.

Man creates a real life Transformer that transforms into a huge robot


Liu, a man from Jinan, Shandong Province is a big fan of Transformers. He dedicated six months and US $11,025 to make a real life Transformer robot at home. Liu was annoyed by the fact that most of the Transformer toys in market claim to be Transformers but do not transform or move at all. So, he decided to make one for himself that could transform into a huge robot.

Gigantic scorpion sculpture vehicle blows fire from its tail

scorpion breathes fire

Although some creatures are awfully deadly yet their fierce appearance fascinates us. Spiders, snakes, lizards, scorpions and dragons all lie in the same category. A small place in Nevada desert in US is recently witnessing these types of creatures, with the only difference that they are manmade.

Double robotics turns a ‘double’ iPads into a telepresence device.

If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan then you would’ve probably witnessed a high-strung Sheldon substitute his actual presence for a telepresence device owing to his twisted fears of the ‘outside world’. Well, your reason for being telepresent needn’t be this crazy but now if you own an iPad, you can transform it into your very own telepresence device.

Fijibot is an autonomous solar powered robot that lives by finding light on its own

A cute little robot named Fijibot is an entirely autonomous robot that eats light to stay alive. Fijibot is self charging and uses a solar powered battery. “mikesoniat” is an Instructables user who built Fijibot and submitted all important steps in building it so that you guys can build it yourself at home.

The Spine Robot is a real life Dr. Octopus arm and is powered by hydraulics

Survival Research Labs have come up with a beautiful tool named as “The Spine Robot.” The robot is a tentacle-like robotic arm powered by hydraulics and is made out of four rope tendons. It looks very much like the arm of Dr. Octopus from Spiderman.