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Amazing LEGO Robot Hand does everything your hand can do

Lego Robotic Humanoid Hand

Barbos aka Barman from Netherland is a Lego fan whose latest creation is a fully functional Lego hand. The robotic hand is built from six motors and Mindstorms NXT control units and has an ability to move like a human hand. The fingers can stretch in all directions and are also able to make a fist.

Med Sensation robotic hand lets you diagnose your own disease

Med Sensation robotic hand

Future Robotic Hand is all what you need to desist from going to doctors for your regular check-ups. Med Sensation robotic hand is a project led by Singularity University’s graduate studies program that aims to make your diagnosis easier as well as robotic at hospitals. Two engineers and a Harvard Medical School student came out with this idea of Med Sensation robotic hand when X Prize founder Peter Diamandis and futurist Ray Kurzweil asked them to create something that would impact one billion people in 10 years.